shabby building work

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07/11/2010 - 04:42

hi i really need help i bult a house 4years ago and after the first year dampness appeared inside and outside. after numerous attempts to try and get the worked fixed by the builders, i have had to send a lawyers letter which they have not even replied to, i would like to ask what should be my next step one that will not take years to rectify as i dont have the time or the money,



  Hi, if I can give advice, must obtain a technical assessment done by a professional with that can claim damages to the company that performed the work, but only if the cause is improper performance of work. If you want to contact my secretary speaks good English will help. Kind regards, Fulvio

I once read that you should always do things correctly and 'above board' getting reciepts for everything then if the work was defective you'd have some comeback. Really !!!!This is Italy and as far as I can tell unless you have either political clout locally or a sackfull of money its a total waste of time trying to seek compensation for defective work. We decided it would be easier and quicker to pay another builder to put it all right than to waste money on legal fees and costs of travelling to and from hearings. The most important thing is to make sure that you are around to see the builders so you can question them.They won't like it but you may actually end up with less trouble in the long run. Good luck anyway and sorry not to be more positive.