So, if Extra virgin olive oil is one of

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04/24/2016 - 04:32

So, if Extra virgin olive oil is one of the reasons Italians live longer, where can you get the real stuff, (not the industrialised supermarket stuff) outside Italy, namely in the UK?


Unless you know of someone coming over from Italy to the UK, I doubt you can! We are lucky enough to have had oil straight from the frantoio (mill) in the last 5-6 years. Since we could not find anything (at any price) like it in the UK we now take back with us 100ml bottles. If you are prepared to pay, you could try a small one man delivery guy to bring some over for you. Or go to a genuine Italian restaurant and get a someone to put you in touch with a family that produce their own. I say "family" as I don't think it is unknown here for Spanish oil to be mixed with Italian and passed off as genuine...

Top quality organically grown first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil ( i think i have not forgotten a single characteristic) is healthy and delicious regardless of its country of origin. Most Mediterranean countries are produces and Italy occupies a prominent position in exports. The problem is that they export and sell more than they can produce and not all of this oil can be truthfully called extra virgin olive oil.Yes, it is true that some of that oil may come from Spain -the largest producer of olive oil in the world - but this olive oil that they use for the blends is not extra virgin or top quality, which is directly sold by the Spaniards. It is a well known fraud, that Italian authorities are fighting, but it is not an easy task. Here is an interesting article about these practices, unless you can buy from a reliable source (producer or frantoio), you may still find the real product at specialized shops or top range supermarkets,nut do not be surprised to be asked to pay well above 30 or 40 € per bottle. This top quality olive oil should be used sparingly, because olive oil, no matter how good it may be, is still a fat. If you consume too much, it is not going to prolongue your life, on the contrary. Longevity is a combination of healthy food, lifestyle and habits, Genes also have a role.One basic rule, never trust "extra virgin olive oil" sold in a plastic bottle. And always keep the oil in a dark place to preserve all its goodness. It is very similar to wine....

So  you can buy directly in italy , from UMBRIAN FRANTOIO , they provide shipping to yr's home in uk

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Or of course Ugo's option. However, like most Italian sites, there are no prices and you can't simply order and pay online. I do appreciate they may not be able to afford a payment system to have online buying, but it seems to me there is a big opportunity for someone to offer small businesses here the facility. But asking for contact details to enable any purchase went out the window in the UK about 10 years back as people simply would not do so. Mind you the pictures of the place on the site look wonderful Ugo.

Hi  LargeLewis,surely a much lower price of 40 euro per bottle :) however write an email, from the manufacturer web site and ask for the price, it is not that difficult and challenging. Certainly less than going to make the rounds of specializing stores in uk . The human relationship with a small producer, at times, is also a pleasant experience

How much do you want? We had our best ever harvest and the oil is lovely with a peppery flavour, 0.3% acid. We will be driving back to the UK this summer,  although we normally take the ferry to Hull I'm sure we could send a tin for a fee if you are further south. Best regards Billy

A couple of great links, with the latter providing a chance to try different producers. Wonder how it compares with the the oil I'm used to getting here in Abruzzo. I have to say (sitting on more than 30L) since November the change in the oil is amazing, nothing is like the oil in its first few weeks...

If you are buying olive oil in bulk, it's storage is most important. The oil's biggest enemies to are: light, air and heat. To start with, NEVER use plastic whenever you are handling it. Glass or stainless steel are your best allies.Always store the oil in tinted glass containers, whether dark green or amber. The old demijohns with wicker covers are ideal... If you can find them. They have become precious antiques.Store the oil in a dark, cool place. A cantina is any case, there are serious scientific studies that state that olive oil looses all of its vitamin E content after 12 months, in that respect it is not like wine which generally improves if you keep it for a few years... So the best advice is to use it smiley

Here is another link for Olive oil from Marche, it's a site that does only Italian food, subscription boxes and so on, I ordered some things as presents and it was all very high quality stuff,