What is the best part about living in&

09/09/2020 - 12:39

What is the best part about living in Italy?


Hi SandraHeric,

depends on what best part for living means for you), two hearts and a hut, immersed in nature away from the crazy crowd, a stone's throw from the sea, in a big city with all services and traffic jam - there is no general concept by best part for living

I like everything about my life here. Especially education sustem. I study in university in Bologna, and I love all the subject I have, the tasks are interesting, and the attitude toways students is warm

As a student of an Italian university can agree that education here is high-quality. Since high school, I'd been dreaming about studying in Italy, and my dream came true last year. I was so worried when I was applying that I even used the professional help of https://edubirdie.com/personal-statement-writing-service when I was writing my personal statement to improve my chances. And I was accepted to the university of my dream. So, if someone is thinking about studying here, then it's for sure worth it.

The generous, outgoing nature of the people.

The lack of 'Wokeness' - attitudes are straightforward and uncomplicated.

People seem much happier than they do in Britain.

The beauty and cleanliness of the buildings and streets.

It's said that Italy is bureaucratic, and it is, but the State actually works much better than the impression that's given by some, and people are helpful.

The personal contact you have with people - for example, at most shops and cafes you'll speak to the owner, who really does care that you're happy.

The food - the range isn't so extensive, but if you like pizza and pasta the flavours and freshness are amazing, as are the fruit and vegetables.