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I'm glad to be part of the new Italy community. Where as before I avoided logging in I am now hoping that this new forum will be helpful, useful and we all get along.

Wed, 05/13/2009 - 06:13

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Sun, 04/17/2016 - 04:42

Hi GracieJeff65,Hopefully you have had some interest/responses to your enquiry.If you are still looking for options please contact me.  I am based in London but frequently travel to southern italy. In a few years, I will move permanently to Italy.I have a team of builders/craftsmen that I have used both in Italy and UK of various nationalities but mainly Italians.Basically I'm looking to improve my knowledge(each region/comune have their preferred methods) and provide alternate methods of/for the industry in Italy. Most of the Italian builders in the various regions have their methods 'set in stone'. I'm hoping to provide a flexible service either through project management or turnkey service.I'm not sure of what your experience or expectations are, but I have found Italian builders to be 'craftsmen' and take their work seriously and put in a hard days work. Contrary to most of the pen pushers I have encountered here. My opinion on these - I will keep to my myself as I do not want to be banned!Good Luck and if you require any help feel free to contact me.