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Tue, 09/09/2014 - 07:58

Joining roofs with another property is a problem . What I would suggest is that you employ a surveyor to check out the damage to your property & then take the report with photos to your solicitor & lodge an official complaint. This should be enough to kick start your neighbor into repairing his roof. He is in the wrong & he knows that, he just want's to see how far he can go without spending any of his cash ! You show him some of that British fighting spirit ( I presume you are from the UK) & good luck ! Keep me posted on your progress.

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 06:52

Yes I agree you just never know where your property search will end ! We looked for years in Italy for our ideal home , we felt like Crusaders looking for the Holy Grail ! On one of our property search holidays I picked up a travel magazine called Dove but didn't actually get around to reading it until we returned to the UK. I picked it up a few months later & found a really interesting article on properties to renovate in the Trentino region of Italy , the photos were stunning , views of alpine meadows with a backdrop of the magnificent Dolomite mountains. The next year we took a holiday there & viewed a few properties & within a week we had bought a rustic wreck in a small village ! It took us 6 years to renovate the building , with a mixture of blood sweat & tears , but so glad we had the courage & foresight to take on such a challenging project ! This has been our permanent home now for 11 years , but with Gypsy blood in my veins the call of another region of Italy is resounding in my head ! The Piedmont area could be our next destination !

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 08:30

Hi there ,
In 1997 we bought a house in the beautiful Trentino region of Italy. The property needed complete renovation but we hired an architect to oversee the work, it was expensive but the end result certainly paid off. As we were at the time living in the UK & running our Restaurant business we could only visit twice a year to check out the progress & hand over cash to the builders etc. We sold the restaurant & our house & moved out in 2003 & never looked back! We had searched in many regions of Italy Tuscany being one of them, but with a limited budget properties in that region were at an inflated price. My husband is Italian which was a great advantage other wise we would not have taken on a renovation project ! My advice is to buy a house that requires no structural work as this is where your money will disintegrate ! Keep your options open regarding the area where you would like to live & being close to all services is a must ! Being out in the sticks is fine for a holiday home but not suitable for permanent living ! This is not an advertising plug for our house which is now on the market, as we now need a larger home for business reasons, but it might just give you an idea of whats available in other areas. You will find it on the Property section listed as a featured property in Comano Terme . Good luck with your search both of you & where ever you put down your roots in Italy you will have a lifestyle that would be almost impossible to find in the UK !