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Tue, 10/28/2014 - 05:35

Dear Simon,We are constantly striving to improve our services and customer feedback is essential for us to do so. Please allow me to inform you that since January 2014, there have been great changes and improvements made to our policies, for example:- Thanks to our Flex Fuel plan with a Fast Return System, customers are now always refunded for unused petrol and do not have to worry about refuelling close to the office before returning the car (please note that a small fee for this service is included in the fuel charge). A Full to Full plan is also available when booking through our webpage and on a few brokers’ we work with.- Customers are offered our full coverage (Relax Cover) for their peace of mind and as an alternative to blocking a deposit on the main driver’s credit card (unblocked 15-20 days later if the vehicle is returned in the same condition).- Our official YouTube channel offers very informative and easy to understand videos for our customers (they include meeting point directions and information regarding the extras we offer).- Our GoldCarZero package is now available for 12 of our offices : - Alicante airport - Palma airport - Seville train station - Málaga train station - Málaga airport - Madrid train station - Barcelona train station - Gerona airport - Reus airport - Tenerife Sur airport - Lanzarote airport - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport- Customers can now reserve a specific brand and model when booking in the following offices: - Málaga - Alicante - Palma - Lisbon - Oporto - Faro - Bologna - Pisa - Roma - Milan - Bergamo - Catania - Cagliari- Our many satisfied and return customers can now join our Customer Club and benefit from discounts, points and other courtesies.- We now have +37.000 cars available for hire (70% of which are renewed annually) and have offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta.Kindest regards,Victoria R.Goldcar Representative