Miani Nicola

We are venetian brother and sister, born into a family devoted to handcrafts. After exploring different paths, we came together to dedicate ourselves to the work of the light glass according to the Venetian tradition.

In our store you can buy both our jewelry that pearls to compose your own jewels. All the goods are produced and assembled by us or by other real venetian craftsmen. Coming to visit us you might be lucky enough to attend in person the processing of pearls, which always takes place in our shop where it is easily visible.

But what is Murano glass? The term is often used improperly, in fact there is no "glass machinery" on the island of Murano, the difference is made by the technique and the selection of base materials that are on the market. Towards the end of 1200, glass processing - due to the high risk of fire - from Venice was transferred by law on the island of Murano, where he developed the technique of glass blowing.

The technique of pearls worked on Lume, requiring the use of a small burner, that could also be used in small rooms without particular risks remained in Venice, in particular in the Cannaregio district, where in 1600 grew to become a typically female job . These women were known as "perlere". By using of lamps fed by animal fat, and with the help of a bellows to enrich the flame with oxygen, it could reach the temperature required to melt the glass and work it to obtain the pearls: the term "Lume" derives from this archaic solution.