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09/09/2009 - 07:37

Has anyone seen anything/know anything about this route being cancelled?  No flights on website after the end of October.Just returned from Pisa and the flight was packed, although last winter it was not as busy so may be that's why.



Oh no!! That was what happened with the Liverpool Ancona route... didn't show and then... didn't go!!!I thought that was a busy one that would keep going... not altogether convinced about Ryanair's plans, but no doubt there is method in his madness (or more profit in other routes).

we went from Liverpool to Ancona,  drove for 50 mins, visited a few places, bought a house, then................ now we fly to Rome and motor few a good few hours ,but its a fairly good autostrada and pretty direct although I dont like the autosrada Adriatico, too many wagons!! The worse thing is our flight leaves at 06:30 and although we only live 10 mins from Lpool airport, and my wife wont drive in Italy, I`m b......y knackered at the end of the journey.I hate Ryanair with a vengence and if there was an alternative, (believe me when I say we have checked everything!) I would use it, even if it cost me more. I`ll stop now before I really go off on one!! 

We are just about equi distant between Liverpool and Manchester, and tried jet2.com in May flying Manchester to Rome, went very well, in fact we paid the extra to have numbered seats, quite novel after some years of cheap flights not to have the scrum to sit together..  Can just about cope with Ryanair for a weekend trip, too much hassle if you are taking baggage...

I have just come back and I am wondering what is going to happen. The flight was  almost full and last winter's flights were reasonably busy. I have looked at other Pisa flights and most seemed not to be scheduled. Hopefully there will be some loaded. Could it be to do with the rescheduling of the manchester Ryanair flights they have withdrawn?Liverpool airport say they don't have Ryanair flight confirmations yet. If anyone finds out please let me know.

Ryanair seem to be also dropping flights from East Midlands to Pisa. They are advertising Leeds to Pisa up to end of June next year. Jet 2 seem to have dropped Leeds to Pisa but still have Manchester to Pisa, but not in winter. One advantage of Jet2 is that they allow 28 days to check in online which is handy if going to Italy for over 15 days (Ryanair's limit) when you dont have a computer in Italy. A disadvantage of Jet2 is that the peculiar size of their hand luggage (unless it's changed) means it's more difficult to travel with only hand luggage. (Grateful for any suggestions for best Jet2 hand luggage). We have already booked a short trip in April from Leeds and a longer trip in June/July from Manchester.  It's a pity about East Midlands though as flight times were perfect for us and the airport so handy. I haven't checked for a few days so  all could have changed.Ryanair still do Birmingham to Pisa in winter but  flights seem expensive.  I wish Jet2 would  do winter flights to Pisa.

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Alma Thanks for that. I hadn't looked at flights beyond march but I see that leeds has Leeds-Pisa scheduled but Liverpool doesn't. That's even more disconcerting for us as Liverpool is very convenient. Leeds would be ok but it would be worth considering Jet 2 from manchester for us. It does look as though there are no winter flights scheduled unless we go via Birmingham. Bit of a blow if that stays like that. No hope of Ryanair announcing their plans I assume!

I was told by a friend yesterday that all of the UK flights to Pisa has been pulled over the winter. I have tried to get flights from Bournmouth, East Midlands and Liverpool to Pisa for Christmas and there is nothing!  Ryanair will be flying to Bergamo but that is still some drive down to Tuscany and not one you want to make in the winter. We may have to fly from London instead using a different airline.The good news is that the Ryanair flights to Pisa start again in earnest in April 2010 (from Leeds as well)!

We have just returned from Pisa to Liverpool. The flight was packed. I tried to book again for the winter as we intend to buy a property in tuscany and will need to get there as cheaply as possible. A massive blow to find out that the last available flight in 24th October! I telephoned the help line and they said flights would resume in April 2010. It seems the best option  for the winter if you live in the north west is from Birmingham to Pisa or from Liverpool to Bergamo followed by a drive.Has anyone found other alternatives?

I bought a carry on case to Ryanair's specifications, and thought no-one would be stinger than Mr O'Leary so didn't even check measurements in May... had to pay £15 to have it put into the hold.... as I say to my kids, always check the small print...

The Ryanair Birmingham, to Pisa flights seem to be running through the winter ( at least they are on the web site for booking) Leeds Pisa seem to be on for next spring but the Liverpool Pisa flights are not showing up yet. The other Northern alternative is to go via Paris or Munich with one of the scheduled  carriers

As I understand, Ryanair's business model is based upon a rapid turnaround of their aircraft. Landing charges are almost secondary despite what may published in the press.  If an airport cannot deliver a fast changeover then this will throw out their schedule. I believe this was the reason they pulled Calabria and why Pisa may be a problem.

We have checked flights from Bristol to Pisa via Easy Jet, which used to fly 3 times a week during the winter and now find that from Nov to April they will only fly once a week on a Saturday. I think cut backs are affecting evry airline this winter; which is suprising as when I flew din JAnuary and Feb this year evry flight was packed....

The issue with Ryanair is not how busy the flights are - they can always fill flights if they charge very low prices - but how much revenue they are getting per flight.  It is simply not sustainable to be flying with planes full of people who have paid on £5 for their seat, hence the cancellations of what people think are popular routes. We first visited le Marche on flights from Liverpool that cost £73 for 4 of us at Easter - clearly that was never going to last -sadly for us the flight was pulled the week we signed the papers to buy our house.  We now go via Rome if it is a short trip or drive if we are going for 2 weeks.  Not ideal but you have to make the best of what is available.  At least with Tuscany there are a lot of options - in Le Marche there is only Stanstead to Ancona or the various rome options and summer is not much better than winter. Chris

Not being able to book for Christmas Pisa-Liverpool, I toyed for a few days with the idea of Pisa-Birmingham which still seems to operate twice weekly in winter. Decided to make the booking  after all but as I pressed the final OK confirmation button an ERROR page came up (again) which told me I may be booked and would be re-directed but never was. Next morning had to phone the service number costing €1.83pm and although only on for a few minutes was told I was not booked and to try again. In my annoyance I grudgingly started to re-book thinking the price may have gone up in the meantime and to my surprise it was €55 cheaper!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love 'em?

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Has anyone discovered if the East Midlands /Pisa flights will be resumed in April.? It looks like we'll have to use the Birmingham flights in winter, but I dont relish leaving for the airport in the cold, dark early hours.