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09/23/2009 - 05:39

Hi we are new to this site and wondering if there are any other Kiwis out there living and working in Ancona or the le marchee region?, we are planning on coming to Italy end of October and need some info on accomodation i.e a flat or room to rent ?, can any help with some suggestions ?, would love to hear from anyone .CheersJimmy and Donna



Seems an odd choice to me, you must have your reasons.My daughter has just returned from Le Marche, a lot of seemed to be shut now, sounds as if it has a short season...

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Hi Penny,The season on the coast here is quite short but most have only closed this last weekend and inland things are notdependent on the summer season.Although we gave Nicy and Adam lots of info on the area -the festas - which bars and restaurants were open - both on the coast and in Ripatransone and the surrounding area (even checked for them that the Beach Bars in Cupra Marittima were open)  -gave them directions to local cantine etc. they did not spend much time out of the apartment. We even offered to drive them to a restaurant in the evening but they said they were happy relaxing in the apartment (which was nice to hear) - but seemed a shame for them not to have tried a local restaurant.Maybe they got the impression places were closed as they said they went out late morning and as you probably knowmost things here close between12.30 - 4.30pm. With not going out in the evening the did not get a true picture of the area. As Angie says there is always something happening. 

The reason that many restaurants in Italy and by the same token in Marche are closed at present is because the owners themselves have gone on holiday after the big August holidays. They will  be opening again within the next week or so, especially those around us which are not dependant on the tourist trade. But most exhibitions museums etc are open, the festas are going strong, and the "season" goes on really until the end of October. Of course this area is not one of mass tourist attraction, so you wont see the crowds or the tourist buses, rather you will be able to experience some historic and beautiful places away from the masses.A

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Hey good one, good to hear a bit of Kiwi, were are your bones from?, would love to link up with your mate in Rimini, we are trying to find low cost accomodation, maybe 1 room apartment in Le Marche region, in Ancona , yes please link us upCheersD

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My bones are 100% English, but for the past 30 years or so I've worked in Rugby as a professional coach and development officer, generally at a reasonable level. Whilst working in the Super 10 division here in Italy I worked with a fair few Kiwis; including some quite famous names. Hayden Pederson, Josh Sole, Kaine Robertson, Jim Love, Wayne Shelford, Frank Bunce etc, plus lots more.My mate in Rimini is called Craig Smith, and you can find him at - he lives there full time and could maybe help you with the accomodation situation; mention my name with pleasure.CiaoAndrew 

Hey Andrewthankyou so much, I am such a BIG rugby fan, so are all my family back in NZ, oh and I voted for Frank Bunce on dancing with the stars, he was awesome, and not to mention all the other famous all blacks you rve worked with , actually they are not just famous they are legends!!, im so gobb smacked, !!(cant wait to tell my dad)!!  and the super 10 in Italy - wow.I have fond memories of growing up with the all blacks, Kiwis, the warriors and the list goes on and on . My bones are from Northland from a place called Ahipara, Northland, not sure if you know were that is  ? anyway my husband and I (my husband is scottish) were on our way to Italy because he had a job offer but unfortunely the job fell through on our way to the UK, so we have been  in Scotland for the past few months and have decided to go to Italy anyway beause we have come too far to not even visit, we are both in our early 40's so decided its now or never.! when we were in New Zealand we came across a young Italian couple who needed help to find info out and accomodation , so thats what we did, they came to our home and( thankfully my mum was visitng )she cooked up a traditional maori meal (pork bones, pooha and maori bread) !, anyway they told us about Italy and over the past 6 months thats all we have been thinking about, i have even started Italain language lessons which I thouroughly enjoy and cant wait to get to Italy , it looks like such a fantastic country and the people look so warm and friendly.One of the earlier posts , Penny I think, said WHy ancona, well why not!, I think if we go with an open mind and open heart we'll have a great time and if things work out we might get to stay there for awhile.!anyway, enough about me, thankyou so much again, grazieHei Konei raDonna and Jimmy