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09/07/2009 - 07:48

Hello Everyone,My name is Tammy Garnett and I am currently living in Saudi Arabia but am originally from South Africa.I am married to my husband, Ray and we have a gorgeous 3 year old son named Connor.It is mainly for my sons befefit that we are now looking to move to Italy and work as teachers in the country. I think it is extremely important for children to be introduced to new cultures and experience different ways of life as early as possble.As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are both teachers and would love to teach in different countries all over the world.If anyone has any website suggestions, advice or suggestions in general, please don't hesitate to contact me.I look forward to hearing from you all.Kind Regards,Tammy....x


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Hi Natascha, Thanks for commenting on my Introduction :)I have only just realised how this website works so sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I thought I would have been notified via email if I had comments on my topic?I am not 100 % sure where I would like to live, although so far, the countryside is pulling me in.....We were thinking more Northern Italy, but we are easy going and I guess wherever we can get a job is where we would probably move to. I also want to be somewere that is child friendly as I have my 3 year old son and we are trying for our second child too now. Where would you recommend we look at? I have never been to Italy, but we are hoping to finally do our honeymoon there in December!We will be teaching in the English langusge - I think we will have to go for Italian lessons ourselves :)Kind Regards,Tammy...x

Hi Tammy, I am really not able to give you any advice of how to find a job as teacher in Italy. However, I wanted to say hallo and welcome you to the Italy community:I hope someone else can help you. You will surely find lot of friends who can give you tips on this.Have a lovely dayMonica

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Hi Monica,Just to say thanks for the comment on my Introdution :)Im only a first time user on this website, so I am still learning how to use it - hence my late reply.....I didnt even know I had comments on my ntroduction until this evening when I stumbled across them :PHope you are well.Kind Regards,Tammy.

Hello Tammy and welcome to the Community. Why have you chosen Italy? Do you know the country and its different regions? Do you speak Italian?Teaching is not very well paid in Italy and jobs are generally scarce.Perhaps other members may be more helpful, but they will need more information in order to give you accurate answers.In any case, best wishes regarding your future plans.

Hi Gala, I have always wanted to visit Italy and while I am still young enough to travel and work, I would love to experience the Italian way of life and give it a try. I have only just started doing the research on Italy, so that is probably why my Introduction was not very informative.I do know a bit of the country and most of the regions, but as I said, we are still looking into it all. We dont speak Italian, but we are more than willing to try and learn. I generally am able to pick up languages quite quickly so hopefully it wont be too difficult.With regards to the teaching sode of things - could you give me an idea as to how much teachers get paid? WHen you say they are not very well paid, are you including private school teachers aswell? Would we be able to supplement our income with extra lessons/tutoring at all?I have contacted a few schools and have had quite a few replies already, although I am still looking for a website with lists of schools in and around Italy.We are probably looking to live in the countryside - Tuscany sort of area or something similar. And my husband is more interested in the Northern part of Italy, rather than the Southern side so that should give you a little more info on where we are looking at.WOuld you be able to give me advice on properties at all? What is an average price on a 3 bedroomed house/villa/apartment?? I will post a message in the property topic aswell - Im still learning this website :)I hope you are well and thank you for your help. Kind Regards,Tammy.

 Hias Gala said, teachers in public schools have a hard time in Italy right now. But in the few years I experienced good job possibilities in private schools.In particular, most private language schools are looking for native speakers (insegnanti madrelingua). Here's a list of Language Schools in Italy:Language SchoolsWhat can I say... Good Luck! - In bocca al lupo!