What are trustworthy online websites to search for monthly apartment before visiting Italy?

09/27/2009 - 10:59

 Before a long Italian stay in 2010, I would like to search online for un apartmento per mesi?  Can you suggest some trustworthy websites?Here in the States, we have:--classified pages from major online newspapers by city--craig's list (somewhat risky of late)--various realtors' sitesSame for Italy or are there other sites?I especially need links for the:---Calabrese area along Ionian coast---Ligurian levante coast---near Trento, VenetoMille grazie. . .Poeta



 Finding an apartment for a month, means that you are on holiday lets only, so real estate agents wont generally be able to help.  I would suggest www.subito.it or vivastreet for lets.   It depends on the zone - if you know where you want to stay you can zone in - most larger towns have a newspaper with classifieds or a listings paper. 

We've used Holidayrentals.co.uk for the last 4 years.  Didn't use it this year and the house wasn't anywhere near as good as usual.  Will be going back to using it next year!   I'd highly recommend them.  Many of the owners will do long-tem lets of several months to a year.