Ciao a tutti. . .

09/26/2009 - 06:58

 I'm a newbie from the States who is so glad to find this online community as I prep for some long Italian visits.I am retired having taught history for 33 years as I raised a daughter and son with my beloved husband who died June of 2007 from mantel cell lymphoma.Since I had parents from Vicenza province, I've been to Italy in 1958, 1971, and 1999 and still have contacts with relatives.  I speak Vicentino dialect and continue to self-learn la madre lingua as well.I always expected to return alla Bella Italia, especially with my husband ( Calabrese roots) as we both intended to do genealogical research as we enjoyed the good life.  Now I think 2010 will be the time for me to pursue both of our dreams.  I'm finally ready.Since I want to be independent of my Italian relatives, I'm hoping this community of Italophiles can advise me on all things practical for long stays and, I in turn, hope to share my experiences as I find my life as "an Italian." Ci vediamo allora!   Piacere mio. : - ) 


Thanks for joining the community,hope you'll find here useful advice and posts..and if you won't, don't hesitate to post a question!will post Aida as a welcome - both to the community and to your future life in Italy - since you have the aria's author (Verdi). as avatar... enjoy!  

 Ho propio goduto questo Aida clip. . .mille grazie, Valentina.You got me to play several youtube clips for another hour!To me, Giuseppe Verdi is quintessential Italian passion. . .I pass along these two excellent clips of Norah Amsellem's Violetta in La Traviata. . .buon divertimento!

Hello and welcome to the community.I was surprised when I saw your posts as you have taken the same avatar that I use and I thought that's strange as I haven't posted today.Nice town Vicenza, I have sung in the opera house there and in a Verdi opera as well! Ciao.

Ciao Iritalia. . .evidently we share both an appreciation of Maestro Verdi and Google image search engine. where our avatar can be found. .Unlike you, I'm not an opera singer but I patronize my local OperaProvidence, especially when the singers perform free outdoor summer concerts in a city park: only opera I saw in Italy was a dress rehearsal of Aida in 1958 at the Arena di Verona.  Being only age 11, I was impressed as I am today at the total commitment of opera singers with modest compensation for their talent. . .your career is truly a labor of love.Auguri mio socio appassionato di Verdi !