Windy Puglia?

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09/29/2009 - 05:24

I was talking to a man brought up in the Salento region of Puglia ,when discussing the weather, he said that he preferred the Ionian coast as the Adriatic side is a lot windier all year round.Is this true?



Mind you, if your name is anything to go by you come from a pretty windy place yourself, no?  We live in an exposed hilltop village in Liguria, which always seems to have wind.  That's a positive bonus in the summer, where the breeze keeps the temperatures bearable.  It does get quite draughty in the winter though, especcially as our old palazzo is not wind proof.

For loads of info on windspeeds and stuff try: and have a rummage- we discovered our part of Puglia was half as windy as our bit of Scotland. (Can get a bit technical but ideal if you are considering a wind turbine!!)CiaoBilly