Banana and Nutella pizza

09/30/2009 - 14:58

Ok perhaps not one for everyone, but last night we went to friends for a pizza evening and pudding was a nutella and banana pizza, I have seen nutella pizzas at local festas and thought , this is too horrible , but this was delicious, do try it at home!.A


at the end of a pizza dinner, I look forward to hearing the question: "Nutella pizza?" and to say "siiiiiiiii"Usually I eat Nutella Pizza with hazelnuts...mmmmBanana and Nutella pizza is quite common too, yummy!

Pineapple, now that may be an interesting addition, as I say you have to overcome the initial dont like idea, but it is very Italian, a million miles from pizza hut, have you really eaten there?, and in a wood fired pizza oven on a very thin base of pizza, you really should try it.A

Pizza in my opinion should be savoury and simple. The home of Pizza, Napoli, has the right idea basically two types Magherita and Marinara. Buffalo Mozzerella, Tomato & Basil....plain and simple and made properly, one of the finest dishes in Italy..

Experimenting with different toppings may be an interesting exercise. I do not like sweets; however, I add whatever I have at hand to my pizzas and some combinations, although not strictly traditional are great. I must confess that I have lots of problems whenever I try to write a recipe, because I do not follow them. I must also confess that this has lead to great disasters in the kitchen.... but that´s another story.....

5 small or 3 really large very ripe bananas.   Juice of 1/2 a large lemon.    100gm peeled onion.   25gm butter.   1 large heaped tsp curry powder + ditto of flour 850ml chicken stock.   A little double cream.Puree bananas + lemon juice until smooth. Chop onion finely + sweat in the butter, without colouring, with the curry powder for 5 mins.Add the flour, mixing in well, then add banana puree + stock. Bring to boil, stirring frequently, season with s+p, + simmer gently for 15 mins. Liquidise again if want. Finish with a little double cream + adjust seasoning.A friend made this for us and it was lovely. I've made it for several people since.    

When I first tasted it my friend asked me to guess what was in it after eating it. As I had then enjoyed it I was just surprised at the contents rather than suspicious of something that may be very peculiar. I did the same when I made it for other friends. It is a good way to use up bananas that have gone a bit black anyway. Fruit works well in soups quite often. I have one or two recipes using pears.Talking of fruit - one of my favourite pasta recipes has prosciutto + orange in it.