Italian language websites

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10/13/2009 - 07:50

I am currently learning italian and would like to get some extra practice with articles, podcasts, excercies online, etc. Can anyone recommend some websites that have these sort of things especifically for people learning the language?


Hi there,This is a good one: one has loads of podcasts that you can download for free, great for burning to CD and listening to in the car etc: is good for learning verb pronunciation: TV is great for watching Italian programmes: one is good for hearing how words are pronounced: finally my favourite, Word Reference, it has a great dictionary and also offers support from natives and other students of Italian:www.wordreference.comI hope these help!Farfalla x

Farfalla,I am very grateful to your response to Bellatrulli.  I have been leaning the languange since March and although I it is slow going I have not given up.  Your links will help me stay on couse.Grazie,Nadine

 Andrea Pollett's Teach Yourself Italian site seems to move around a bit, but is now at - good if you like a formal approach to grammar - I've found it very helpful in the past.He (?) has also got a much shorter Roman dialect site elsewhere.

I like the website that was already mentioned- it's really useful in the sense that you can also post language questions on forums and get help from people who are fluent in the language. It great for figuring out language problems that you don't normally learn from a text book or something