Ryanair Cancel Flights to Lamezia as of 30th Sept...

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08/14/2009 - 13:53

... with threat to pull out altogether on the basis of "inefficiency".What's your Italian Like?http://www.dedalonews.it/it/index.php/07/2009/ryanair-lamezia-poco-efficiente-cancellato-volo-londra/Also mentions reduction on the Pisa - Lamezia route.Always concerned with any anouncement from Ryanair because  they normally speak with "forked-tongue" or seek to "blame others" to gauge some sort of reaction.If the statement it is to be taken at face value that they might pull out then the immediate questions that spring to mind:1) Will they return the Summer Timetable in 2010? - Remember a similar incident in Sept 2008 when the Winter timetable was initially cancelled indicating it would not come back until March 2009 but then mysteriously returned in Nov 2008 having being cancelled for 2 months.2) is this a typical business trick whereby the 4 to 5 year exclusivity agreement (i.e. no other competitor can have a UK to Stansted route) can then be renegotiated for an additional lenghty period stopping competitors moving in?3) If they do walk away does this finally give Easyjet the opening they have been waiting for, especially for the UK?4) Am i right in thinking that Ryanair returned in Jan 2006 therefore + 4 Years = Jan 2010 i.e. only 4 months away?I personally would like to see a change of UK supplier flying direct to Lamezia to see how there "customer care" compares?Any responses welcome.Regards,Mickey 'O'   



We believe, from the locals, that Lamezia and Reggio have put up their landing charges by 25%, possibly as part of the funding required to enlarge both airports. This happened last year as well and when they left the charges alone for Ryan Air, the flights were re-instated. We will see what happens.Far be it for me to support Michael Ryan but he does take the fight to the airports and Governments when the need arises. I remember the post 9.11 security knee jerks about which he was the first to publicly argue and bring some changes as the airport authorities were using it to increase charges and our Governments stance was sheer electioneering.I do believe, in this instance, it has more to do with exclusivity than anything else so will be interested to see what develops.

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The only recent developments i have seen in the last few weeks is the link to an announcement that was dated 27th September 2009:http://tuttosulamezia.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/nuova-compagnia-aerea-fara-base-a-lamezia-con-voli-per-milano-roma-pisa-londra-parigi-casablanca/See the link above - what's your Italian like?In brief:The article is titled:  "New Air Company to be based at Lamezia with flights to Milan, Rome, Pisa, London, Paris and Casablanca"Paragraph 5 of the somewhat lengthy article reads... "In other "news" the announcement of the imminent entrance into service of a New Air Company for the first time, who will form a "base" at the Airport of Lamezia".I see that the Italian bulletin boards are speculating as to whom the company will be - what does seem clear is that Ryanair appear to have seen their bully boy ultimatum backfire.Hmmmm will continue to scan the web with interest to see what develops.Only in Italy could "imminent" meany anything but... come on three weeks later would not exactly be called imminent if you were expecting a child now, would it?!LOL (Laugh Out Loud).