Residency rules,conflicting advice.

david and maria Image
12/17/2009 - 14:39

Hello anyone, We have a house being built in palermo Province and when a we were purchasing the house/plot a year ago we opted to pay the 4% tax,as I would be seeking residency. I was told I needed Italian residency within 18 months of the purchase.The Residency is in the final stages of completion now but in a comune/Town where we rent a house adjacent to the new build which wont be finished till late next year. I have been told by a local who I think is unsure of his facts that I must get residency in the comune where our new house is being built and that my residency in another comune wont count and I will be liable for the higher tax. Our new house is not and will not be habitable till late next year so if this is true do we have to rent a house in the comune where the house is? Its very frustrating and worrying that my efforts to get residency will be wasted! Can anyone enlighten me? regards david and maria.


The local is correct. You have to take out residency in the comune where your house is to qualify. You can, however usually extend the 18 months if your house isn't ready. you must do this before it expires. Speak to your geometra about it as he will have to provide evidence the house is not finished etc.

Yes Penny is right,  your residency should be in the comune where the house will be.  What I dont understand is that you opted for prima casa on land alone, which is strange as there was no financial benefit in doing so - assuming that you bought just the land with a project.  If you go to the comune with photos of the state of the build, they should extend the time limit as long the house isnt yet habitable, but you will be dependent on the goodwill of the comune. 

 Thankyou both for your informed responses. We will attend the commune where the house is when we return there in Febuary. Thanks again and we hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year, Regards David and Maria