how is the best way to get a fairly heavy parcel to teramo in abruzzi region??

johntychwith Image
12/30/2009 - 09:36

hi, my brother is going shearing in april for two months but he wants to send his shearing kit onwards to the destination. how is the best way to go about this? im not exactly sure of the location but its in the mountain area of abruzzi near teramo. would a company like dhl be any good??


Hi John, You don't say where the kit is being shipped from (Australia, New Zealand and Wales spring to mind), but obviously distance, weight of consignment and dimensions of crate will determine the price. Just as  guide, I had a 28kg (1.2m x 40 x 45) consignment sent from the UK to Teramo by Fedex. Less than a week to deliver, online tracking and the cheapest I could find. I think the earlier you book your consignment, the cheaper it will be, as they group shipments. Mine cost £120 or so. Hope this is of some help.

On the basis of fairly regular use over the past 4 years, I'd strongly recommend Bartolini - if you go to their website, you'll find that they have links with smaller courier companies in the UK for pick up there. They have consistently been the most reliable in actually delivering parcels to us, (small village about 5 km off main road), as opposed to some of the big international corporations whose vans ask us to drive down to the main road to collect parcels from them.... Staying with experience of about 5 attempts, it'd be cheaper for you to throw your parcel in the bin in Britain rather than trying DHL - at least you'd know it was lost to begin with, and it'd save you the cash! Sounds an interesting visit your brother has lined up. Good luck!