I fil in all the boxes but cannot get cursor into Post Body.....Help needed please...

01/02/2010 - 14:24


Does this mean it is a problem with the website? Or a browser problem? Or my computer? Or the idiot (me) at the keyboard?   I don’t want to go changing things in order to post because I’ll probably forget what I’ve done and never get back again.   In my case the ‘post button’ is there but it won’t let me type anything in the post body box – even if I haven’t put anything in the subject box.   It’s not really a problem, as long as it is OK to have a blank first post and I can put what I want to say in a ‘reply’ to myself. 

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 Yes Tandy.......I have to do the same as you and use reply to reply to myself....seems strange as have not encountered this problem on other sites before.....Hey ho...nice to be different.....A.

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 Thanks for the tip.............I was thinking that may be a cause, but............. Suggests that there have been some incompatible 'tweaks' !!  I'm using as my default browser IE8..........at what level behind should I stay ?   S

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When I had my last computer I was advised to avoid Internet Explorer 8 at all costs, so avoided all offers of an 'upgrade', and remained with the earlier '7' version, and had few problems. I have since bought a new computer with Internet Explorer 8 already installed. I have not used it yet.

I only use firefox and it has never caused any problems on here. If you type the subject in first and then move the cursor into the comment box and click, there should not be any problems. If you just try to tab down, then you get into the ratings changes and have to work through those first. Hope this helps. K

Never encountered this problems. Thank to members who answered exactly to what the causes of the problem could be (browser). Anyway it's a bit odd since any browser should allow users to post content, unless the button "post" doesn't appear at all.

     Valentina.......... I think it APPEARS to be a browser related issue, but seems somewhat intermittent (this time I'm straight into the typing area!). I ALWAYS end up going to the 'end of the list' of comments and then have to scroll upwards to find the most recent comment. Interesting challenge for you ! Buon anno! S

browsers can have different ways to display forms and other parts of a website. Just take your time to figure out how it works for the browser you're using and you'll finally be able to post and enjoy the best of community tools.  buon anno anche a te, sprostoni

 This particular issue (seeing the most recent posts first) which you are worried about I believe you can sort out by changing your personal preferences within the 'community'. The other ridiculous snags which you are by no means alone in having encountered cannot be excused as 'browser related'. With all respect to Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the rest (and Mac and Linux afficinados) - Windows Internet Explorer is the browser used by an overwhelming majority of 'ordinary' computer users, and if a site doesn't work for them, then the site doesn't work. Period. In my opinion there is no browser issue. This is an evil site. I hope and trust that this evilness is not intentional, but the cretinous excuses from poor Valentina are quite hopeless. If she has (poor soul) been charged with defending an 'adventure into the unknown', then she should simply throw in the towel. It is not possible to defend the indefensible. Vbulletin works: basta. Reinventing the wheel is pointless. Putting your own pretty face on Vbulletin is worth a shot - but this is crap. It seems to have lost even adriatica......which is a shame

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I totally agree with the great deal of what you say, (not sure about 'evil' site though !!), I had a look for and around personal preferences within the 'community', couldn't see what it was that I needed to do ! Even more depressing for me is that I'm not aware that I have 'un-set' this particular 'personal' preference! I persevere with the site but it is a challenge at times! Thanks again! S