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01/10/2010 - 14:42


 Also replying to my own post here. There seems to be a very good deal being advertised throughout Italy at the moment for anyone looking to buy a new kitchen. For €2,590 you get a line of 3.6metres (above and below) of kitchen space / cupboards including hob, oven, hood, sink, dishwasher, and fridge freezer. Price includes, if I understand correctly, fitting but not connection to gas or water and the offer runs for the moment until the end of January but could well be extended. I've seen an example in a showroom and the quality looks pretty good. Certainly better than a lot of cheaper ranges that I've seen. Site is Part of it, has an English translation service. I should add that I have absolutely nothing at all to do with this company (nor has anyone I know) but thought it may be helpful to others especially anyone in the latter stages of equiping an appartment or installing a line of units or simply for a comparison of what is on offer.

  I thought we were very very lucky the year before last (2008) when we "popped into" our local furniture store near Atina to see what they had in new - we actually went to buy some heavy duty staples at a shop just past them and called in on the way back home - and got our bargain.  We wandered around the kitchen area and saw some fabulous kitchens, five of which were reduced enormously because it turned out they were the end of the range.  We got an "L" shaped kitchen in retro style pale blue with upper and lower units, glass shelves and cupboards that had integral lighting, all the appliances possible, (Electrolux Rex) including a plumbed in coffee machine AND a coordinating  table and six chairs.  The cost? 3,500 Euros FITTED!!  It was originally 14,500 euros so we are over the moon but as it was the end of a range we basically bought it for the cost of the white goods.  It isn't necessarily our first choice but it certainly looks fantastic in our large kitchen with our other things and is wonderful quality. I am so glad we got it.  So is our bank manager!   I cannot imagine an English kitchen company doing the same.  In fact today I have bought a new built-in double oven and gas hob for my house here in England. My first call was Comet who said they didn't have the one I wanted in the northeast except an ex display model. I asked if there would be a small discount on the price as it would be "shop soiled" and they said no because it hasn't been used as an oven as such (even though most likely hundreds of people, like me, have twisted knobs, opened doors etc., with their mucky dabs).  AND if I did have it they would charge me another £20 for delivery!    There certainly are some bargains to be had if you know where to go for them. We were just lucky and very happily surprised at our find. Hopefully your post will help someone who needs a kitchen/mod cons for a good price. Maralyn

 My wife and I know only too well that you have to be careful that the prices quoted in these kitchen companies do not lull you into believing that they represent some pro rata price per metre or per cabinet. I know of at least one company that quotes excellent prices across their whole range but the price relates only to the standard example. Any deviation from that is regarded as a "Special Order", and attracts a much higher price. Even if it's due to the addition or 1 or 2 cabinets , or even a half metre of length. We spent at least 2 hours in one of these places working out a design only to be given a huge price nowhere near that suggested by the display price. The design 30% bigger & the price quoted was 150% more!

  Hi Col. Mustard I appreciate what you are saying and have been similarly hoodwinked in the past (but got out in the nick of time) for various other things such as double glazing, insurance etc., (here in the UK).    Fortunately when we saw the price of 3,500.00 euros stuck on the hob, under the lovely units with a large stainless steel cooker hood, we did think it was just for that section alone and asked if that was the case.  When we were told, repeatedly, that is was for 'tutti', with arms waving around the displayed and immaculate kitchen, opening and closing unit doors, gesturing to the appliances and moving the chairs and table and then being told it included fitting, we couldn't believe our ears.  I think we were very lucky and happened to call into the shop - Valentino Corsi - at the right time.  Being a local company where we have bought furniture from already and as they export to Scotland they transported a load of our stuff over to Italy for us, we knew they wouldn't be conning us.  To the contrary.   Best of luck for any others in search of a bargain. Maralyn