Anyone know how much taxi is from Ciampino to Tiburtina?

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02/23/2010 - 12:20

  Afternoon everyone I have a friend arriving at Ciampino airport who needs to get to Tiburtina coach station and doesn't want the faff of public transport when she has lots of luggage.   I seem to remember reading there was a set charge of 30 euros to anywhere in the city from the airport. Has anyone done this recently and can update me?   Many thanks


Thanks AlanH and Postmac for the helpful info. The thing I was thinking about is for tragitti from the airports to anywhere within the Aurelian walls, and I think but not sure, Tiburtina is outside the walls. Geography has never been my strong point and I don't know Rome well either, so I'm fumbling about in the dark really.   Thanks again

In that great (and very annoying) tradition of answering a question not asked I was just going to say that if she had a lot of luggage and didn't want to be lugging it around she could arrange an airport transfer to her final destination. Might suit too depending on when the flight is getting in.If she's heading to Pacentro (and I'm only being presumptious because of your name!) there is a chap in Sulmona who does it. Would probably cost about €200 though - a lot more than a taxi and coach - but you don't have the hassle or the waiting around. Depends on what her pocket can bear!

Buon Giorno, we actually made this trip on Monday evening and the cost was €33 including 3 bags/3 passengers. Traffic wasn't too bad so doesn't take account of any possible hold ups. Hope that helps.

And when you consider the coach that goes from the airport to Termini is about 8 euro person, and they have usually overbooked so there is a long delay. Then you have to walk the length of the station to get the Metro to Tiburtina. Think I will go for a taxi next time as well Mark