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04/10/2010 - 13:12

I had thought that the tessera sanitaria was intended to replace the old yellow card but it seems I still need one to register with a doctor. And the yellow card lasts only as long as my current contract of employment. Am I right on this, and if so, what do other people do?Thanks.



I don't quite know what your yellow card is - but maybe it's like my green card: a specifically ASL bit of cardboard - rather than the plastic tessera. I had need to replace my plastic tessera recently, and the local ASL said here is a bit of cardboard. I said - "but that is not as good as plastic" - they said "it is far better - this cardboard one shows who your medico is, and also shows your address". Good point, thought I, live with it! Are you an EU citizen, lived in Italy for less than five years? If so, that could explain the contract of employment stuff. Once you've been here (and registered for health care) for five years you are in the clear (healthwise) even if you don't work again.

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Thanks for this - we're certainly talking about the same thing! And we are EU citizens (UK). We have, however,  been here for more than 5 years and still they only make the card out for the duration of my contract... Since I work mainly on short term contracts, I end up renewing the thing every couple of months - and if I find myself without a contract - even for a couple of weeks - then I have to register as 'unemployed' (though I get no benefits etc) - which only lasts a set time - then I have to unregister as unemployed - and so it goes on. Maybe next time I'll point out the 5 year limit and see if anything longer term can be done. At the 'sportello', though, they don't seem to know very much about us 'foreigners' - do you know if there is a bigger office or something I could contact for a higher level decision? Any reduction in bureaucracy woud be much appreciated!!! Thanks.    

The issuing of these cards is certainly local, but maybe searching on an ASL site and finding something authoratitive about the five year thing which you could print out and show to the locals might get you somewhere. I'm coming at this from a non-employed non pensioner perspective, and maybe I have missed something relevant to an employed person - but as far as I know if you've been here five years you are a straightforward 'assistito' as far as ASL are concerned.

I think it depends where you are in Italy and how they interpret the rules! I can only suggest you keep going back top the ASL and asking nicely for their advice and help.  But I agree that there should definitely be no problem after 5 years.