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04/13/2010 - 08:17

Does anyone out there live in the area between Comano, Fivizzano, Bagnone and Licciana Nardi? It's one of the areas we hope to look at. The property seems to be reasonably priced and the scenery looks beautiful.



Great Area!! From Bagnone  over to liccciana Nardi then over to Fivvizzano some nice villages. Great access to motorway, and lots of options for airports. Property prices will be higher in this area.

Hello I would recommend the area. Great location close to ski resorts, beach and Cinque Terre closer the coast more expensive. Licciana valley is great for access. Tavernelle, Comano and Crespiano are all resonably priced. Happy viewing!

I bought in Lunigiana a few months ago.  The property is real value for money and very conveniently located.  It's a kilometer or so from Bagnone between the motorway access at Aulla and Pontremoli.  I've also heard that the mayor has announced that the motorway will be opening up at Villafranca some time in the future, so that will help property prices in the area I should imagine. Lunigiana is a great location, although my wife complains about the amount of rain in the winter.  (Mountains all around).