Cast Iron radiators

05/04/2010 - 18:23

I was wondering if anyone has managed to buy traditional cast iron radiators new at a reasonable price in Italy or have them delivered here, again at a reasonable price. I have been able to find some new but they are boxy and not the nice rounded type, I have also been able to find the nice ones at a scrap yard but not enough for our house and I don't know where we would be able to get them cleaned and restored in our area so I would rather not. But if we can we would really like to get hold of some for our renovation. Thanks, Charlotte.



just a personal opinion.whilst you're right they can be attractive but there are not a few downsides.they are generally quite a lot bulkier than new ones,they are very heavy,they take ages to heat up although yes they do cool down much slower than alu ones, they may still make something similar but i'm not sure however if you go down the road of restoring old ones it's quite a costly business as they should be sanded inside and out then the rust treatment externally then the final exterior coat which would make them pretty pricy compared to new ones which whilst not as nice to look at are however discreet and one tends not to see them.....we went into this when we restored and changed our minds...

Thanks, we don't want to restore even though we have been able to find them, like you said the cost and hassle isn't worth it, and we have seen then from Italian companies but they just seem a lot more than the UK but it seems like we'll either end up paying it in delivery if we go through the UK, I'll keep looking, I know they take longer to heat up but we just prefer them, probably will end up with aluminum though! big sigh…