Petrol stations like mushrooms

05/09/2010 - 18:55

Could any one with their finger on the pulse of the Italian economy please tell me why large petrol stations are springing up all over the countryside. There are now two within 50 m of each other down the road from us and there's one being built on the road to a one-horse hamlet a couple of kilometres away. They seem to me to be unnecessary and unsightly wrecking what was a perfectly nice little field and simply splitting trade. Confused of Lazio.



I know what you mean. I have just returned from a wonderful few weeks in my house in Picinisco, Southern Lazio, and see there is another petrol station - a huge one - being built in Atina/Ponte Melfa. This will make four now in spitting distance.   At least when you get petrol in Italy they fill your car for you, you don't have to get out of the car. I love that!   Maralyn

Nothing worse than arriving somewhere stinking of petrol having filled the tank, that is after being poisoned by the fumes coming from the petrol pump!! A new Shell station opened just along the road from me. Instead of having a general shop as most do, it has a full bar. So you drive to the filling station, get tanked up and drive home. Brilliant. But of course you can't smoke in a bar, so they have chairs out front - next to the petrol pumps - where all the smokers congregate. Only in Italy! TK