Ruin insurance

Pat H
05/16/2010 - 15:54

Hello all   With the help of many members of this and the old forum, my wife and I have, after 4 years of searching bought what is obviously the most beautiful ruin in all of Italy, situated in Marche. ;-)  The forum helped us find an excellent translator, excellent lawyer and many other people to smooth the way with excellent advice.   What I need now is what is the best option for liability insurance for a ruin. Does anyone have experience in this?   Thanks P


I think any Italian insurer will fall about laughing if someone tried to insure a ruin...  I assume you mean public liability - if so I would try a British/European insurer first. 

The only insurance which a rational being would take out on a ruin is third party liability - and I think this is what you are concerned about. (This covers bits of your building falling on innocent heads - it doesn't cover anything once you have engaged a contractor to repair it.) Usually your bank will offer a minimal cover - should be less than €50 a year - it is called something like responsibilita familiare. Maybe other insurance companies do this too, try  or perhaps even could give you a lead. Try these sites even if you don't speak Italian, they are fairly obvious and even if you get lost you will have picked up some insurance vocabulary without having spent any money.

Hello, Pat. I can't help with your query as I have no idea but I just wanted to say how nice it is to hear that you found so much help in the forums.  Enjoy your beautiful ruin!