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05/22/2010 - 17:11

Hi. Can anyone help an Italian couple who come recommended wish to rent our apartment on a permanent basis of say, one year but as suggested by us split into two 6 x month periods. they do not wish to have a formal contract as this would necessitate a longer period of contract which we have said we are not in favour of. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom? and or a contract that we could use ?Many thanksDavid



You should give  them a contratto transitorio which is valid up to 18 months.  However, it is a contract and as such should be registered at the ufficio delle entrate - you cannot let without a formal contract.  You have no protection and nor do the renters. There is no point splitting it int o 2 6month periods - it will only cost you twice as much to register the contract.   Assuming the premises are furnished, or part furnished and your renters do not have residence in the same comune a contratto transitorio will be fine.  If you want a copy, PM me and Ill send you a blank

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   Hello Ram,  Thank you for your reply. Does not seem like  "a gentlemans agreement" is possible we did not really want to get into a long term agreement for various reasons. Will we be able to terminate this contract with reasonable notice? Can we add points such as no holes to be drilled or nails put into walls without permission? Can we have the contratto in Italian & English?  Sorry for so many questions. The apartment is furnished & the renters are not of the same comune to our knowledge.  Look foreward to your reply, or any other information that we should be aware of & yes could you send us a blank contratto.  Kind regards  David

A gentlemans agreement is possible but a) it would be tax evasion and b) offer you no protection if they decide not to move out.  Having said that, they are very common!  You can stipulate what you like in the contract- and you can have it in two languages, but only the Italian one has legal force unless you have the English one done by a translator and either done in front of a notaio or with a postilla from the tribunale.   Termination of a contratto transitorio can be done by either side with 3 months notice by registered mail.  Send me your email address and Ill send you a copy of the contract