Young people learning Italian in Yorkshire

06/09/2010 - 13:00

I have a 16 year old Italian girl coming to stay with me for 2 weeks at the beginning of August.  I have tried the local schools to see if there is anyone learning Italian with whom she can meet and spend some time - no luck.  I live between Selby and York but travel daily to Leeds.  Does anybody know of someone or have any other ideas? This is an ideal opportunity for someone to practise their Italian. 


Hi Pauline, How are you? Have you tried contacting language schools in Leeds? I know Spanish schools are quite popular near the university, and I'm guessing there must be an Italian school in the area. Maybe even ask the people running the Spanish schools if they know someone? My Spanish friends write and speak fluent Italian, but they've now dispersed around the globe so sorry if I can't be of any help. Good luck and see you soon... Regards, Joy and Phil  

The Open University do an Italian language course at Leeds Met so if you contact them via their website they may be able to help. My tutor was Italian and lives in Armley so you should be able to find someone to help or advise. Good Luck!