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07/01/2010 - 04:50

I think the groups now exist [at least - when I go to the 'make a new post' section, there they are, in the "Audience" section]   Hope someone uses them soon - after all the time its taken


Hi Alan the two groups are now published and visible to all. The two groups have been approved for you to use them, but please note that they are part of the re-design of the whole site, which is already in progress. That means that once the new site is active, the two groups may become two new sections of the community. To all members: - Thanks for sending us a notice by PM each time you create a new group. Thanks for your comprehension, Valentina

Colonel   You're not the only one who has problems - there seems to be a glitch somewhere May I suggest you PM Valentiina and Ronald - if enough do this, perhaps they'll get it fixed   [Any suggestion that this is a plot by 'them' to stop this working is pure unfounded speculation]

Sorry, I think that I am worse than Colonel Mustard - I don't know where to start. I have had  look through different threads and cannot find it. I also cannot find the  'make a new post' bit either. sorry. Please help.

Please help Valentina or Robert.....  Seems things just are not working,,,,can you please do something and report back...Will PM this to you too incase you too busy to look at threads....Think Alan H has worked hard on this and would be good to see it up and working....