Online diy stores in avellino campagnia?

estherina34 Image
08/10/2010 - 16:12

hi,e ciao tutti! im looking for online diy stores in the area of avellino near naples campania,for idea of prices etc for a renovation project near avellino..any help greatly appreciated!



I don't know of any online - "Progress" in Atripalda is good for little projects and supplies.  Maybe someone there at the shop could give you other suggestions (they've always been very friendly to us - I don't think they see many foreigners in there!)?  Only other places I've seen have been little independent hardware/paint shops. (what kinds of project, BTW?  Our local furniture shop also fits kitchens and bathrooms, so somewhere like that may work for you.)

I am not from your area, but there are some 'chainstore' DIY/furniture  chains which might have a presence in your area. The names to 'google' could be: OBI, Leroy Merlin, Grancasa, MondoConvenienza, Self - or Brico. Hope this helps, but the advice to deal locally is good - it is not necessarily more expensive!

Bobbys Girl, I'm in Calitri (part-time anyway) and the furniture shop is Cestone (there's a showroom on the way into town and another up on the main street.)  They sell mostly furniture, but I also bought my washing machine and I plan on buying some new shower doors soon - I do know of someone who had them do a full bathroom and kitchen.  Antonio speaks English. Indirizzo: Via Circumvallazione, 157 CAP: 83045 Comune: Calitri (AV) Telefono: 0827 38154