Ryanair has announced a new service between London Gatwick and Rome Ciampino airport this autumn

08/11/2010 - 07:28

http://www.travelzoo.com/uk/cheap-flights/europe/867098/?utm_source=top2... Might provide a bit more choice for us Roman transits! I just wish they'd bring back the Luton-Rome flights!



They appear to have scrapped winter flights to Ciampino from Liverpool.  Luckily Jet2.com still have a winter schedule from Manchester so my choice hasn't completely dried up.  If that ever ends I'll then revert to driving rather than fly from any London airport.

Yet another flight from Southern England to Northern Italy and why when you can already fly Stansted to Rome?!?!?  Come on Ryanair/Easyjet/Jet2, give us a flight from the North West of England to Southern Italy.  I'm sick of having to drive from Liverpool to Stansted every time I want to fly to Pescara!!!!  The world doesn't begin and end in London/Rome!!! angry

Hear hear, Farfalla, Give us a flight from Scotland to Pescara or even a flight from Inverness to Stansted. I have an 8 hour round trip just to get from Edinburgh to Rome as I live in the Scottish Highlands. This also entails an overnight and airport car parking as all flights require you to be there for  5am/6am. In summer I can get up inthe middle of the night and drive but in winter this is a bit prohibitive. Mind you, a flight from anywhere in Scotland to Pescara would be a bonus.

i regard rome as our second local airport.. its about 140 km from Teramo , Ciampino that is ..or about an 80 minute drive..  in fact its one of the reasons for choosing Teramo as an area to live in.. as we can also get to Ancona and of course the airport already mentioned in Pescara.. which incidentally if you look at its schedule as far as i remember has quite a few other flights available, for instance milan , and i belive a few others in other northern areas of europe.. a few people i know make a change and then fly into Pescara avoiding the london drive.. often to my mind the use of the major carriers outside the lo cost area also can work out viable into the other rome airport Fumicino.. and might well offer more choice      

I investigated the option of flying from a NW UK airport to Northern Italy and then getting a connecting flight to Pescara a while ago but the timetables never seem to marry up.  Even flying from Liverpool to Rome and then driving/getting the bus down to Molise isn't an option because the return flights are always around 10am which means leaving Molise about 4 or 5am and you don't get buses running at that time! A few years ago Ryanair used to run a flight from Blackpool to Stansted which was great and always seemed to match up perfectly with the Pescara flight......then surpise, surprise one day it just disappeared, just like the Liverpool - Ancona flight did. I actually wrote to Ryanair last November asking if they had any plans to introduce a NW UK to Southern Italy flight because there is huge demand for it.  They responded to say: 'Ryanair are continuously looking at potential new routes throughout Europe. Currently, we have over 200 airports throughout Europe under evaluation and make new route announcements every quarter. We have forwarded a copy of your letter to our New Routes Manager for his information and can assure all suggestions are given due consideration. All new route announcements are made through the news section of our website'. In other words don't hold your breathe.  I also asked the same question of Easyjet and they replied to say 'if you would like to know what routes we fly they are listed on our website'.  Duh!!!! Try actually reading the question Easyjet!