Fed up with poor Sarah

10/26/2010 - 03:58

The recent death of 15 year old Sarah is undoubtedly horrific, a tragedy...but I am sick to death of turning on TV and hearing about it all. Talk about trial by media! I have never, despite years of living here truly understood the Italian justice system (my failing!) but how on earth can an impartial jury ever be picked when this case finally comes to trial? How is it possible that transcripts - and recordings - of interviews with suspects et al can be dislosed on TV within hours - or so it seems - of them taking place. It is always the same, Cogne, Meredith, the girl and boyfriend who killed her mother and brother etc etc. It would still bother me - but wouldn't it be better to do this dissection, discussion thing AFTER the trial?


Italian tv and other Italian media are full of these kind of private stories which become so popular that you (well, they) are always curious about what will happen next!  I find it really boring and avoid to turn on tv! - apart when Desperate Housewife is on!