CAR topic.......

11/09/2010 - 13:30

I know I know!!!!! I really should know how to do this, but having just spent 10 mins searching unsuccessfully I have resorted to asking for help............. Is there such a thing as a 'Car' topic?     There seems to be a variety of questions about cars, insurance of, legality of, selling of etc etc, but, my current point of interest is .................when do I need to get a 'revisione' for my (soon approaching) 3 year old Italian Fiat? I THINK that the revisione needs to be done every two years after it's first check up? Should we have a whole topic on 'CARS' ?? Ta for now ! S


Good news...........Once I get into the routine (18 months down the road, and now in the calendar!),......... my neighbour's car seems to be getting through its health checks and has 177,000 kms on the clock ! On that basis, mine has only just been 'run in' with 33,000kms! Originally, when we bought it, we thought we'd renew every two/three years or so, but I think I may extend that period now ! ciao ciao, S