Rental payment for italian house when living in UK - best method?

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11/17/2010 - 17:36

Hi, We've been letting our house in Abruzzo for holiday lets for a few years now; we live in England, pay tax on the rental income in England, and till now have asked for the rent to be paid in pounds sterling (cheque in pounds sterling, bankers draft,  or direct bank transfer). Now we're getting more enquiries from euroland than from the UK, and don't know the most convenient way to ask people to pay us. We do have an Italian bank account. What do you suggest?  Looking for a method which is simple for people to use, which doesn't make us lose money on exchanges, and which doesn't have tax complications. I guess all 3 may not be possible... Thanks Graham



It is extremely common in Italy to pay by 'bonifico' - indeed it is really standard practice. Cheques do exist but are rarely used and cards are practically never used except face to face.  When I was booking courses all had to be paid by bonifico, as were the various professional subscriptions. Hotel and holiday bills are also paid via bonifico so Italians are extremely used to it. It did not take very long, just had to make sure I went armed with all the required info re account etc. I was always paying from one Italian account to another, it may be a bit more complicated paying into a £ account but you say you have an Italian account so if you are happy to receive the money into that account it should be easy.Good luck.

I use paypal. My Husband, who is lawyer, discouraged me from using Bonifico because you are giving out your Bank Details and as the clients would also have your name and address it would be very easy to incur in identity theft.   trust the lawyer!   Paola

OK, grazie a tutti. I haven't had good experiences with paypal in the past (nothing terrible), and already use bank transfer from other countries so think I will stick with that. Useful to know it's called 'bonifico' - I didn't know the word.  Graham