Italy to Scotland by car

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12/10/2010 - 10:15

we are driving to scotland from Italy this christmas.I'm a bit worried as it'll be the first time we'll be doing this in the winter. Instead of Calais we though we would try the Amsterdam - Newcastle ferry. Would appreciate any advise as I keep on imagining us all freezing to death crossing the alps and getting stuck in the snow!!!  thanks


We've just got back from a return drive to the UK - the worst snow and chaos being the M20 in Kent.  The Swiss and French are pretty good at keeping their major roads open - a pair of snow chains and/or winter tyres might make you feel better, however if the roads are that bad the best bet is usually to keep off them.  My advice - bring loads of screen wash, pack your coat and wellies and be prepared to take an extra day or so if the weather gets bad.  Have a good trip.

Bad weather in UK. 3 ffet of snow in Edinburgh and lots in north east. 500 people stuck in cars on the m8 overnight a few days ago. Bit of a thaw on at the moment and it's above freezing but more snow forecast for next week especially in the east. It may be advisable to put on winter tyres, carry blankets, screenwash (although mine's been frozen for the past 10 days) and spade. Hope you have a good journey

  I live in The Netherlands.  If you think the M25 is the biggest car park in the world, you’re sadly mistaken!  The Netherlands is!  Last week we had the biggest traffic queue ever…just a mere 960 kilometres of tailbacks surprise Our snow is almost gone but yesterday it took me two hours to do what is normally a 40 minute journey. And don’t forget that snow (winter tyres) are obligatory from the end of October to March in Germany, Switzerland and Italy!   You will be fined if you need to be rescued and you don’t have winter tyres.  If you are involved in an accident in Germany and you don’t have winter tyres, you will be fined whether you caused the accident or not.frown

"I keep on imagining us all freezing to death crossing the alps and getting stuck in the snow!!! " From where you are, you could take the coastal route into France and then up the centre of France - you'd miss the Alps that way.  Longer, but flatter

... if you go via Newcastle (North Shields actually where you arrive). The roads are fine at the moment as most of the snow has gone. However there is a possibility of more next week and from what we understand (have a house just up the road from there, but are away at the mo) they have not been clearing the roads too well... good luck whatever you do...

Shortest from your place to Amsterdam - 1400km - approx 13 hrs Via the coast road [Nice etc] - 1770km - approx 16.5 hrs  [nearly all motorway - all except 22km and no Alps] I think [if you're worried about the snow and the mountains] that I'd do the coastal route to France, but then do Calais - Dover, [or Dunkirk - Dover], as it will be a cheaper option than Amsterdam to Newcastle

thanks for all your advice. It's really good to hear from you. Today seems to be panic day for the Italians and snow  alert time again!!(one of my sons even thought it might be too dangerous to go into school today! We have decided that we're setting off on Tuesday no matter what(just about)!!Until yesterday I was quite happy in the knowledge that I had ordered and was getting snow tyres put on my car. No, apparently, our car has very rare-and- difficult- to- find tyres( so I'm told) and we're still waiting!!!!! Our german mechanic friend (the same one who ordered our special-made- to- mesure - super-winter tyres)thinks we should go through Innsbruck on or way to Amsterdam as the German roads (according to him)  have no problem whatsoever with snow. Needless to say, I am fast losing faith in him so would appreciate advice from anyone who's tried this experience.   I do however predict that there will be one less German in the world by the day's end !!Sorry, I know ,got to think positive.........!!!!! thanks again

Did a quick cost comparison: Rotterdam-Hull return with car and trailer and meals and dog £550 Amsterdam - Newcastle similar package (no dog)  £820    both  July -August sailing   Quite a difference

  Good Luck!  The BBC has been issuing weather warnings all day today for Scotland so keep an eye on the reports.  Time to change mechanics….Innsbruck is in Austria! Yes the Germans are good with keeping their motorways clear. We’re driving from The Netherlands to the UK for Christmas (Eurotunnel Calais-Dover), less driving than you but the weather is still a concern.  frown   PS It's snowing again as I 'speak' and it's been snowing all day!

Hmm - an interesting post this one. Whilst I'm not travelling this year, my sister and I will be driving next April. You have given me some food for thought - stuff I wouldn't have thought about. So thanks to you all. Warm wishes, Caoline