Rubbish tips in Marche?

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01/04/2011 - 09:17

Can anyone advise where I can get rid of bulky rubbish - old sunbeds, washing machine, rubble etc anywhere round Penna san Giovanni, Monte S Martino, Amandola areas? We used to put stuff in the 'isola ecologica' at Penna but now its just for recycling and I heard a rumour they have closed down all the local tips - I do hope its not true. Cheers Am



Amandola comune has a number to call to get large items removed in Amandola. They come once a month. Which comune are you in? Rubble is very difficult I'm afraid. Can't you reuse it/bury it somewhere? Often people are grateful for 'clean' rubble (ie just rocks/stones and bricks) for hardcore. In fact, I might know someone who might want some. PM me if you are interested.

Beside our 'green bin' I have seen all sorts including, old tv's, sun loungers, hoovers etc, (never a washing machine tho), all do seem to go...either before or when bin emptied....maybe worth a try as one man's rubbish is another mans brass, if you get my drift... ps.. Are the sun loungers still useable and does the washing machine still spin ? Ax pps.. Washing machine stainless steel drums make good containers when buried for plants to restrict root growth....the tap sort ! Ax

Thanks guys, never realised a w/m drum could be so useful, will treasure it now lol. We're in MSM commune, am ashamed to admit I'm not even sure where the Monte commune office is but will try to find it and ask em. I presume its in the middle of the village! Sun loungers are well knackered, no use to man or beast. Have noticed stuff getting dumped by the green bins but thought this was probably frowned upon. Hmm may be able to use the rubble ourselves, have a wall to build so could put that in foundations now I think about it but thanks Penny will let you know if it needs a home. Am  

I am slowly adapting to life here after three years....(!! I know, a slow learner !!). Anyway, we have had some building work done around and about our property in those three years and it was amazing how quickly all of the rubble disappeared as soon as I said that I didn't want it!! Guess what....................on a number of occasions I have thought 'I wish that I had kept that as it could have done nicely for 'any number'  of jobs' !!! Most Italians keep EVERYTHING, because they will want it one day ! one  lives and (slowly) learns!.............I like the brazier idea! S

Montelupone has a tip, still. It's a bit of a trek from Amandola but worth bearing in mind. No problems with what you bring or how you do it - we use my Sprinter van for tip runs and unlike the UK, we can wander straight in, dump the horrific furniture/rubble etc from the farmhouse and have a lovely chat with the friendly Moroccan chap working there. It's down the hill, opposite the football pitch.