Enel & Builders Electric

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12/29/2012 - 14:07

I know from reading posts that a lot of people have had problems with builders electric on developments and not being able to connect with Enel. We recently went to our apartment in November and the electric was off. We did think this might happen as no one had been near the development in 4 years. The London based agents that had sold the property to us had said “we could not get the Electric connected until the development was finished and any way your Electric is free” Thanks!We had a contact that had been given to us of an English lady living nearby Anne Marie. We met with Anne Marie who after a few telephone calls took us to local Estate Agent EdilAgency. The Owner Emanuela read through the documents we had, contacted Enel and found that the builder owed 1700 Euro to Enel so they had switched it off. Emanuela contacted the builder and the developers but they did not want to know or help. The next day we went back to the agency after Enel had inspected the property and through e-mail and fax received forms that we signed and sent back. Thursday 27th December I had an E-mail from Emanuela to say that the meter was in and the Electric connected. I cannot thank Doctor Emanuela Ruggiero enough amazing service she is very helpful and offers her service to anyone needing help. Please visit www.edilagency.com where you will view some amazing properties and where Emanuela can help with all sales, renting, management services and through her contact at Enel sort your Electric!We are in Belmonte Calabro near Amantea and Emanuela based in San Giovani.Steve & Anne



Thanks.  Made interesting reading.  The thing that bugs me is that the certificate of habitation is issued without independent utility supplies being fed to each apt on a development.   WHY? Surely logic would dictate that before signing off a dwelling unit the building regulators under EU law & health and safety provisions check to ensure that adequate and independent gas/water/electric supplies are run into the property. It's quite staggering that a developer can hold the strings over the utilities and withdraw the services upon a whim.  This has happened on several occasions and caused the maximum disruption to occupants especially in July and August. I know of renters who have arrived at their holiday home for their annual well deserved break only to find there is no electricity or water.   Chaos ensues, the renters have to find somewhere else in a hurry and the landlord has to return their fee.   Bad feeling and tempers frayaing all round just deters holidaymakers from returning.