5.0 earthquake

01/25/2013 - 13:14

The earth is moving again, a pretty big one. Hope all ok.


The major shock on Jan 25 was centred in the Garfagnana area of northern Tuscany - the epicentre was close to Castiglione di Garfagnana, it had an intensity of 4.8 Richter. There followed at least one smaller tremor. There are no reports of serious damage, and nobody was hurt. Here is a link with maps. http://ingvterremoti.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/terremoto-in-provincia-di-lucca-m4-8-25-gennaio-ore-15-48/  There were also a number of smaller (round about 2.0 Richter) tremors on Jan 25 in the region of Emilia Romagna, which has been suffering minor movements for around six months - some of the earlier larger shocks in this area did damage buildings.

Masca, I know Benabbio but unless your house is a ruin already it should be OK. The tremor was quite violent (enough to shake power cables and TV aerials)  but thankfully short we felt only one small aftershock, we had just the other day finished decorating and filling in cracks in some walls, but it has opened up a few more now; but as our house is 600+ years old it has probably seen worse.

Italy is moving all the time but fortunately we don't feel most of it. i have to go round with the polyfiller every year. My house is an old farmhouse but some of the properties I look after are new builds and they also move and crack, as ong as they stay up nobody minds!

My neighbour has just replied to my message. She confirms  that the tremor was very strong and that it was scary; however, everyone is fine and there are no damages, at least to our properties. Also, they have relatives in the Garfagnana and they are also fine. I was worried about them, as there are some elderly people in those families. Good to hear from them.

And again last night 3.1 this time, but same area; this doesn't look good as they had several in the months leading up to the biggy in Aguila. Where did I put that insurance policy !!!!

I am starting to pray to St Agatha of Catania and St Emygdius, both patron saints against earthquakes... and both Italians. In the 18th Century, they say that St Emygdius saved Ascoli Piceno from an earthquake that devastated the region. Better than any insurance policy.

But Gala I don't think the Vatican would stump up if I put a claim in against St Emygdius for 'Breach of Promise' if my roof colapsed. So I'll keep my faith in Lloyds of London all the same. Thanks for the prayers though ... just hope it works.

You are right, the Vatican will not ay the roof repairs, but St Emygdius may prevent it from collapsing...he seems to have done an excellent job at Ascoli Piceno. In any case, insurers are notorious for trying to get away from paying claims. In any case, I will keep on praying...

Last night the whole of the Garfagnana was told to stay out of their houses and evacuated to assembly points in every Village. The Civil Protection were expecting a series of large aftershocks affecting the whole Appenines so inhabitants of Castelnuovo, Barga, Borgo Mozzano & Corellia Antiminelli and other villages in the Sercio valley and Lima valley were advised to take preventitive measures and prepare for a large eathquake. www.terremotinews24.it/terremoti/terremoto-garfagnana-presidente-della-p...

I agree with Penny. It looks as if the situation has improved.From the maps I have seen, the epicentre was located in the Garfagnana area, close to the Emilia Romagna border. On the other hand, after L'Aquila, authorities have learned to be more cautious. You see, St Emygdius and St Agatha are helping wink