Breadmaking Course with Pasta Madre in Glasgow

11/07/2012 - 07:27

Dear All,my friend Cristina and I are running an Italian Sourdough - Pasta Madre course in Glasgow. More info on our website: and join us if you are in Scotland!Paola


Exactly! pasta madre is not sour and you cannot taste it. But Bread made with pasta Madre is easier to digest and has a richer and deeper flavour. Also Italian Pastra Madre is stronger than starters made from rye flour and is able to rice sweet breads such as panettone. Gala have a look at this blog: you might be able to identify a "spacciatore" of Pasta Madre near you; then you could use our recipes:

Thank you for the link. I understand that this was the way al kinds of breads were prepared before te more modern forms of "levito" took over. In San Francisco, a French baker called Boudin created the sourdough during the Gold Rush as miners craved for fresh bread and there were very few ingredients available in the area. Goodd luck with the course!