Satellite dish TV and internet? Cheapest TV package?

06/09/2013 - 03:40

I've just had a new satelite dish fitted but alas of the 600+ there are no channels for my four year old. I'm wondering if I can get a cheap package other than Sky with basic extras which would have channels like JImjams etc? It would be good to have a classival music channel too maybe. Also now I've got this dish can it be dapted for satelite internet use? I'm in Lazio, about 35 miles from Rome. Thanks


If you have internet of some sort and need a source of material for 4 year old and everybody else, then you might consider buying a little box called Apple TV.  I hate to say this about a company that is so 'not open source' but this works really well and you can watch loads of free movies and clips and educational stuff too.

You can't use a standard dish for satellite internet, the "eye" (LNB) on the dish is very different and a lot larger, but you can fit a TV  LNB to a Satellite dish quite easily. So  yes, you can have one dish with both, but you have to start with the Satellite dish rather than a TV unit!That said, the internet is a great way to watch On Demand Tv - provided your internet connection is up to the job speed wise (you need a steady 2-4mbps download speed), I have been watching BBC and lots of other Ondemand Tv very successfully over the last year using Satellite.You could check out for satellite or of course Tim or Vodaphone etc.