Private E-mails

06/17/2013 - 21:23

Could we please have the option back to be able to send personal e-mails to other members?  In the past, I have used it for private discussions as well as to arrange get-togethers with numerous people whom I have met through the forum. It is impossible to do this in the current format.


I would not like my personal email address made available by this site.When I supplied my email address it was for use by the administration of this site and not for them to supply to third parties.Lisa C, do you mean emails or private messaging on the website?

Ciao Rickardo,I mean private messaging on the website.  This is what we used to have before the new format.  I was able to send and receive private messages. The members aren't given the e-mail contact information but there was a link on each members information where you could send a private message.  One of the other sites I frequent, has this feature.  It is great to be able to interact privately with other members and to discuss things that you may not want to in an open forum.  As I stated in my original message, after corresponding with several members in the past, we eventually exchanged contact information and I now have some new friends in Italy that I see when I am over.Neither this site nor Italy forumotion give out e-mails directly to members so your contact information is safe and no one has access to it unless you personally choose to give it to them.Lisa