Boosting Wifi signal

07/30/2013 - 03:23

I vaguely remember reading somewhere about a gizmo that could be plugged in to boost wifi signal within our thick walled Italian homes - I can't remember where and failed to locate under search option as not sure what "title" to search under. Can anyone recommend a product that will allow wifi to be used in rooms other than the room where modem situated.  .  After 4 years of trying we finally have a landline and TI Alice wifi modem.  Unfortunately the only room we can pick up the wifi is my office upstairs and my son and husband were hoping to watch UK tv!!!!Thanks


Comment$ja=cgid:7690035523|tsid:49900|cid:119050363|lid:34968934094|nw:{network}|crid:26685291883|rnd:{random}|dvc:{device}|adp:{adposition}&gclid=CKvLhL_k1rgCFc5V3god2loA-Q like this but with an Italian plug

we too have this problem.First our computer technician brought the above mentioned objects but that didn't solve the problem,so we told him to take them away.Then we called in a company they even came from far off Bologna saying they had the solution a sort of antenna like a laser stick from star wars, that didn't solve it either.The consensus is that the only answer is to run cabling to every single room in which wi-fi is required...the problem with that is that our electrician is in a fifties mind set and has put tubing too small into the walls which is already full of lighting and plug wires so there is no room left for the required cable.Although it pisses me off it looks like the only solution will be to run the cabling externally....