julia G. Image
09/12/2013 - 12:18

Hi can anyone give me some advice on purchasing windows for our house in Italy. We are obviously looking for good quality at a good price. I have already been advised against using wood due to the extreme temperature changes. The front of the house with the majority of the windows is south facing. Thanks



hi,we considered windows,given that we have many a fundamental.We wanted to remain as close as possible at least in style and aspect to the original windows.We chose wood but went for hard wood and used mahogoney.extra strong double glazed glass ,wooden internal shutters,no external shutters that are expensive and require maintenance.Our wooden windows apart from an annual "wipe" with oil have not required any form of maintenance whatsoever in fifteen years!.We also discovered that the abolutely essential fly screens have,besides protecting the inside from flies,wasps,hornets,bees,birds,bats,butterflies,moths,flying beetles,spiders have also contributed to protecting the wood from the rain when it's horizontal,snow,ice,and full sun.I'd suggest wood,get double glazing and fly screens and internal shutters included in your estimate.Go to a reputable local copmpany making these (they're in every area) don't bother with carpenters they take a life time,cost more are unwilling to give proper receipts/invoices (hence guarantee on the work) and i trust laser measuring more than artisans eyes!