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11/26/2013 - 07:02

Does anyone know when the next instalment of this year's IMU is due?  There is nothing on my commune site at the moment.


My next payment (non resident) is due on 16 December.  That is for Terni and I'm assuming it is the same everywhere else.  I'm not sure if the Government have continued with their nil payments for residents.

Yes - its 16th December, but Comunes may leave it very late before deciding how much the charge will be.  [it won't necessarily be the same as the June payment]

Piazza al Serchio are obviously  late in announcing the date and amount.  I had kind of hoped they were not bothering to ask for the second instalment!  one can dream.

Hello all My home is classified as a seconda casa. I am just in the process of making the balance payment for my IMU for this year. It does not appear that my comune have made any changes to the rate. However, can anyone tell me if the whole balance payment goes to my comune, or is it split between the comune and the state like last year?Thanks in advance!