Barclays Italy - Help needed with a contact number

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01/14/2014 - 07:33

Hi All, Incredibaly we have been trying to get a Barclays contact number to discuss our Barclays Italy mortgage. This may sound ridiculous (EVEN BY ITALIAN STANDARDS) but we have been trying for a year to speak or email someone that can discuss our mortgage. We have all the normal numbers from the Internet and contact email addresses but we just go round in circles speaking to people who give each others numbers to us for people who cannot help us discuss the mortgage.We have been into Barclays in the UK, they could not help either. Barclays do not have an office in Sardinia either.ANY NUMBERS OR CONTACT INFORMATION WOULD BE GREATLY APPREACIATED!!I am sure if I stopped paying the mortgage they would be straight on the phone but I dont really want to consider doing this YET!Thanks, Dan.         



This happens because Barclays has no interest in granting loans in Italy and for this reason it has virtually eliminated the organization of agents operating in mortgages, leading from 630 to just over 10 - Anyway, the client service is always active and the number contact is located on the site of the Barclays Italy.If you stop to pay mortgage , a branch send a telex to you into 15 days , yet this branch do not have any connection with Mortgage branch :( The new barclays interest in italy is only collect deposit of money . the processing time of a request for loan from the original 20 days arrived at 5 months ! is it time to change banks, especially because barclays now has the highest rates in the market ...   

Try these:-Barclays Bank Italy Client Service Email: Client Service Ph.: +390240378205 (option 4) The telno is for their office in Milan, which appears to cover their mortgage work in Italy.I have found the e-mail replies are slow, but they accept / reply in English (can't imagine the bank in Britain working in a foreign language, so maybe its mean to complain about their speed of response).Hope this helps.