Registering with an Italian doctor

01/27/2014 - 10:26

Having recently moved to Italy I think that I have most things sorted including residency, identity card, codice fiscale, bank account, property etc. What do I need to register with an Italian doctor?



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To get a doctor in Italy should not be a problem if you are from the EU ''I THOUGHT''!!!!!Actually what you need is a form I think it is 121 if you look at the website of the DHSS  it will explain all.It sounds easy to get this form - However upto December 2012 I had had  a business in the Uk for about 20 years before that i worked full time for the government!!.I paid all my social security payments as standing orders through my business account.When I contacted the office which is based in Newcastle to request the necessary form to show the Italian government that i had paid all my contributions and that i was entitled to free health care here.I was shocked to be told by a young lady that i was not eligible because I had not paid enough contributions in the last 3 years before I left the Uk.  I have proof of my payments  there was no explaination why and I have found it difficult to find any guidance as to who is eligible and how much I should have paid. at no time did the uk government tell me I was not paying enough!! I checked with my UK accountant and she also has been unable to discover who makes these rules and why.What shocked me more was when the young lady asked me was I on benefits and if so I was entitled to free health care.Silly me Why oh why did i put myself through running a business for all those years!! Just sit back on benefits and get everything for free.If you are lucky enough to get the form then you take it along to the local health system here and they will allow you to register with a doctor.Good news if you are over retirement age then you are eligible.If not the only way forward is to get a job here or to pay for treatment. 

No not yet still trying to get past the girl in Newcastle!! It is all crazy I am pay taxing to the Uk and also to Italy but no- one wants to be responsible for my health care. I also noted your question re the bank and agree with the answer keep your original bank account and try and use a British address. If you change it to an Italian address you are opening a can of worms with taxation etc.