Disposal of garden debris? Does

04/26/2014 - 18:23

Disposal of garden debris? Does anyone have advice for disposing of 50++ years of ivy, trees and undergrowth in a roofless building? We will be soon visiting our new restoration project in Umbria and have a massive task of clearing out vegetation. Burning on site is not an option; neither is dragging stuff into nearby woods. We'd like to rent a pickup truck for repeat visits to the dump or rent a small dumpster to be hauled away when full. Has anyone done work like this?



HelloSince you are doing a restoration project I would chose to have the builders include it in their price.I don't know how it works in Umbria but where I work in Abruzzo there is an official company you must use for garbage disposal. You will contact them and tell them what type of debris and aprox. amount. They will give you a price and they will come with a container that they can leave for several hours or several days.I think you need a special permission to do this yourself as many Italians chose the woods or road sides to get rid of garbage. So if the police stop you with a small truck loaded without permission you might be fined. I don't know if there is difference between old building materials and organic stuff like wood.Go to the local municipality and ask who is contracted to collect waste in your area.Second option if it needs to be done before the work starts: Contact a builder and ask him to drive it away - I think they usually have the license to carry debris. He might then throw it in the woods or the road side and charge you anyway.I hope this helps Regards Kasperwww.casa-italia.dk

Hi, Kasper,thank you for your reply. We are do-it- ourself-ers, for the joy of it. Since posting I've heard that we can pull off ivy ourselves but may need permission to cut down saplings. It does make sense that we may need to pay a fee if dumping more than normal at the municipal site.We do have a geometra and manager for the big works. This is our inaugural first step towards restoration and we can't wait to start.best wishes,Jane