Welcome To Sulmona in AbruzzoSome of

05/16/2014 - 01:32

Welcome To Sulmona in AbruzzoSome of you will already have been following the Facebook page which I have been co-editing for nearly 2 years now.  What started as a voluntary project, to help promote the local area which we love, has now grown into a more viable platform which will enable us to move forward on a number of projects.  We focus on Sulmona and the surrounding Valle Peligna although we often write about things of interest to visitors a little further afield.  If you'd like to contribute in any way we'd love to hear from you.  Note that there is a newsletter sign-up option on the home page for those of you who didn't, couldn't or wouldn't join the FB community    Anyway, we hope you enjoy it!  http://www.welcometosulmona.com



Hello Sulmona, that sounds really exciting and thank you for sharing. Because the format of this community is all about 'questions or answers'  - we ask that you put this info in your profile (and we making changes to make signatures more visibile throughout our site) and not here. We thank you in advance for understanding!