Hi, I have a house in Limosano, molise

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05/16/2014 - 18:20

Hi, I have a house in Limosano, molise. When I bought it I was told it needed updating.... However I arrive tomorrow and have been told that they forgot to tell me the water and electrics don't work?? I need an electrician, preferable British.  The company I used to buy the property seem to have an alteria motive so I contacted the mayor to see if they can reccomend a local tradesman but I'm a little wary they may try to have my pants down so to speak! Can any one help!? 



Did they say the water and electricity don't work or aren't connected? Is the water pressure coming from the watermain or do you have a tank and electric pump? If the house has been empty for a while, you'll very likely need to sign up with an electricity supplier. You need a local electrician not a British one (unless you're richer than you sound)! Ask the neighbours. If you start off distrusting everyone including the mayor, you're going to have a hard time. Why did you buy a house in Italy if you think we're all crooks here?

As said just try and find out what 'not working' means.If you don't know anything about simple property things then try and find out.If you know nothing then you will be better off using a local artisan rather than a Brit.They are all expensive for those who don't know what they are doing.Maybe you deserve it.

I think perhaps you mid understood my post. I was wary of trusting the company I bought the house from not the mayor! The company we dealt with said the bathroom did not work at all and required demolishing.... This was untrue. The mayor turned out to be more than helpful and we now have a very trustworthy local builder who agrees I may well of been a victim of some unscrupulous persons with alterior motives! As it happens, he and his family sorted out the plumbing, electricity and even fed us for the day at his home. Faith is restored and feeling very lucky to have met a wonderful family. The neighbours are great too and the locals all very friendly. Despite the negative comments from my question, others who advise asking the locals are spot on. Perhaps air on the side of caution with the pushy big companies and go with local recomendations. 

Take no notice of what some people write on here, they are either clever sh***s, forget they had to start somewhere or too arrogant to bother with... It is great with hindsight to say/think "I should have read all about this on that forum", well you should and still could and of course it will stand you in good stead. Those that have and done well, they should try and give a little back here and not assume everyone else is as savy as themselves! Always, always try to give yourself a little time over these things and not let "we must do...", especially "now" whatever needs doing...

Thanks, I've been reading the magazine and posts and since going over feel completely relaxed with the whole thing now knowing it's in good hands .  Our builder sends weekly photos or the progress and pictures of choices of tiles  in our price range so we couldn't be happier.  I've not been put off by the negative comments given, they must of been having a bad day perhaps.... I will continue to ask advise when needed:-) 

smileyI know the feeling when a weight has been lifted.  I looked for help when I had problems and a lot of lovely people showed me the way.  I was niave, made mistakes and had 6 months of worry.  Now we also have a builder who sends photographs and a lovely lady who minds the place for us.  I'm so glad you're ok now.  We only visit occasionally but will retire soon and go much more.  The dream lives on, as does yours.  Take care.

i have family in limosano and am english, i live in Luton Bedfordshire.i am an electrician and will be rewiring my grandmothers house this year in limosano.i would be happy to advise you in your electrical system. i will be in limosano july august.you can contact me via email if you would like too.my surname is Pulla.email pchopsuey@sky.com

Glad to hear you are sorted. I had a nighmare 2 years re utilities etc. Then I was put in touch with a lovely couple via a forum. They have organised the utilities and lots of other jobs via locals. I was just going mad going round in circles as I don't speak the lanuage. I was really really down. Going over tomorrow with happiness instead of the usual sadness. So I appreciate the forum so much. For the first time I will be able to stay at my place due to these lovely people. Cannot thank them enough. So happy italian times ahead for you -and us

I hope you have a lovely time.  We've just visited and the builders dust was everywhere, luckily we stayed in a hotel for some nights.  However we managed two nights  - disaster!  I've just found out about humidity.  New sheets were so wet and the house was crawling with insects, no internet or television, so a few more obstacles to overcome but nearly there.our against mentioned about cleaning the house and clearing the garden but stupidly we thought we had cleared the garden last year and scrubbed two bedrooms.  Lesson learnt - listen to agent next time.  I hope you have better luck, the circles haven't quite left us yet - but they will!!

Steve, thank you so much for standing beside Nicola against the bullying. I honestly do not know why people get on these sites and just tear into people who are asking for help. If you can't say something kindly, then don't say anything. You guys purchasing homes are living my dream. I hope so badly I can retire to Italy one day. Love to hear updates. I'm new here, so don't know if you can post photos. If you can, please do! :)