Does anyone know how to obtain a

07/02/2015 - 04:14

Does anyone know how to obtain a housing ownership certificate in Italy? Thank you in advance!



If you mean the title deeds, then the act of sale is your title deed.  It will be held by the notary who stipulated the act of sale, or if he is no more then it will be at the notarile archive or the conservatoria dei beni immobili.  You can find out the notary by looking at the visura catastale for te property which will say when and by whom the act of sale was stipulated. 

Thank you for your answer modicasa! The title deeds was not enough, as they do not say that I own the house at this moment. What I needed was a current "visura catastale", which I now have obtained via the agent who managed our purchase of the house.